The Exhibition!

Last week, year six was a part of the Exhibition. The Exhibition is when you and your group put on a display for the parents and students to enjoy and learn. We are given a central idea (peace and conflict affect our world) and we are supposed to link our topic that we have chosen […]

Year Seven Orientation

Hi everyone, Can you believe it’s already term four of year six? We’re nearly in year seven and thats why on the 9th of October and 10th of October we had our year seven Orientation. We got meet the new girls who were coming next year which was extremely fun and exciting. First we were […]

Paul Fletcher’s visit!

Hi everyone, today Paul Fletcher from the Federal parliament for Bradfield came to visit Roseville college! His delightful visit broadened my interest and view about the government. I’ve learnt: 150,000 people in Bradfield gets to vote The liberal party holds 76 seats which is just one extra vote the speaker doesn’t vote The MPs have […]


Hi guys! In school we have this program that called Grok which is a simpler version of python. Grok teaches us how to code simple and funny things step by step. I never did coding before so i’m currently on the newbies level. Grok can be super annoying because it is very picky of the […]

passion project display!

Yesterday, we got to show our passion project to the school! I had a of of fun looking at what other people did!     I really Enjoyed doing this passion project. I wrote a novel which I sent to a publisher online. First I planned out my story and planned what will happen in […]

Passion Project week 6

Hey guys again! My passion project story is FINALLY finished! YAAAAAY! Now I just have to write a book review a plan everything for next wednesday! I will post some pictures once the passion project is finished. (I want it to be a huge surprise for the school) Also I found two publishing companies and […]

Passion project!!! update

Hey everyone! My passion project is going very well! For people who don’t know what a passion project is, it’s when you do something that your passionate about. For example, I love reading and writing so I’m writing a book. My book title is going to be reviewed on my last post so be sure […]

Update on passion project!

Hi Guys, The passion project is going well! Here is the time table for my passion project. Week 1 Brief character designs Plan stories   Week 2 Final character designs Plan each chapter   Week 3 Create character designs Start writing chapter 1,2 and 3   Week 4 Start chapter 4,5,6 Edit chapter 1,2,3   […]

Passion project

In year 6 we have passion projects.Passion project is a project that we are passionate about so we can choose the subject that we are doing. For my passion project i’m going to write a novel. I really like writing but i’ve never written a whole book, I always leave it on a cliff hanger. […]