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In year 6 we have passion projects.Passion project is a project that we are passionate about so we can choose the subject that we are doing. For my passion project i’m going to write a novel. I really like writing but i’ve never written a whole book, I always leave it on a cliff hanger. So I would love to write a whole entire novel this time.


Does your school have passion projects? If so what are you doing for yours?

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  1. zoem23 says:

    Hi Emily!
    Wow! I can’t wait to read your novel, it sounds amazing! I am so excited to start our Passion Projects and i’m sure you am too. My topic is photography, something I am very passionate about! I can’t wait to see you finished product!

    😊 Zoe – 😊

  2. jaemil23 says:

    Hi Emily, your passion is so unique. I am not a big writer but seeing other really inspires me. I am so excited to read your novel. This project of yours will really help you strive to soar to new heights. Its a great way to show your creativity when it comes to writing.


  3. Mia says:

    Hey Emily,
    Your novel sounds very interesting! Doing our passion projects this term is going to be so much fun! Why did you decide to write a book? Also I am doing hairstyling and photography, which is something I am passionate about! Can’t wait to read your book!
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    • emilyl231 says:

      Hi Mia,
      i decided to write a book since i’m really passionate about writing! I also have so many ideas in my head and i really want to get it out.

  4. Yr6team says:

    Emily, this is an ambitious goal. Can you include a timeline of what you will do in each week? I look forward to seeing your progress.Mrs S

  5. taram23 says:

    Hi Emily,
    I am writing a book as well! Do you have a title for your book yet? I don’t. Maybe we could help each other.

    • emilyl231 says:

      Hi Tara,
      I do Have a title in mind but I want to make it a suprise and I would be revealing it in the last passion passion project post. I would love to help you Find a title, what is your book about?

  6. siennam23 says:

    Hi Emily,
    Your book sounds amazing I am going to be super impressed when it is finished. I can’t wait 😃😃😃😜😃😃😃😃

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