Paul Fletcher’s visit!

Hi everyone, today Paul Fletcher from the Federal parliament for Bradfield came to visit Roseville college! His delightful visit broadened my interest and view about the government.

I’ve learnt:

  • 150,000 people in Bradfield gets to vote
  • The liberal party holds 76 seats which is just one extra vote
  • the speaker doesn’t vote
  • The MPs have four minutes to get to the chamber to vote after that their vote doesn’t count
  • If only one or two MPs don’t show up, they could loose their debate
  • there are 12 senates from every territory or state
    • There are equal representation for each state to prevent inequality on economics
    •  A shadow minister keep an eye on the ministers and they criticises them
    • Paul fletcher believes that refugees should be allowed in our country
    • sometimes politicians don’t agree with their party but they still have to fight for it

I also learnt so much more other things from Paul fletcher! It was an amazing experience, I can not wait for our camp trip to anberra to learn more about the government and the parliament!


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